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Swarm is a survival/action/adventure game where you walk around an ever-changing landscape of islands as a strange collection of entities known as the Swarm chase you down.

Harvest resources such as wood and stone to gain experience points, and stand a chance at surviving the all-consuming Swarm.

You start off in an island with nothing but an axe. Use your time wisely, get all of the resources you can before the Swarm begins to manifest. Getting resources and going to new Islands gives you Experience, which speed you up and also allow you to harvest resources faster. What will you need the resources for? 

The Swarm is mostly active in darkness- and being in pitch black doesn't help. You may have trouble finding your way out if you're not holding a torch. And in future updates, there will be much more to get!

Game State

At the moment, the game is in an incomplete state. While there are some things in the code that allow me to expand it, I didn't have enough time to work with them. For example, there are hardly any tools in the game, and there isn't much to interact with. In addition, there are some bugs that you will encounter, such as larger Island sizes will take much longer to generate, and navigation issues.

The game will be expanded on over the next few weeks!


The objective of the game is to survive for as long as possible by running between neighbouring islands. You start off with an axe, so maybe try cutting down some trees or getting some logs. Then make more tools that will help you survive, equip them, and then just keep running. Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. Run.


Left Click - Advance to Tile/Interact with UI
Right Click - Interact with Interactable Object


SwarmBuild.zip 26 MB
SFASX-SwarmDocumentation.pdf 309 kB

Install instructions

Simply unpack the attached ZIP file and run Swarm.exe. You will be prompted to enter your resolution and select a window mode. Then click Play! and enjoy.

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